{CLOSED} Ground Segment System Engineers (multiple posts) [REF: JADE/18/COP/GSSYSENG-18_216091]

[REF: JADE/18/COP/GSSYSENG-18_216091]

JADE Aerospace is looking for experienced Ground Segment System Engineers for a service team for EUMETSAT supporting the maintenance of the overall system design documentation of the existing and future Copernicus operational ground segment systems and interfaces to external systems relevant for Copernicus ground segments.he The Service team will also analyse and verify the system and interfaces coherence for evolutions of these systems.

Profile of the Candidate (Service Team Member)

Knowledge and experience with the following is considered essential for the engineering team:

  • University degree (or equivalent) in an engineering or scientific discipline relevant to the job profile,
  • Proficient English
  • Experience in the analysis of systems applications and modelling
  • Experience in the field of Systems Engineering and architectural design for Ground Segment Systems
  • Capability to prepare system requirements and design documents and perform system-level analyses for complex satellite-based systems
  • Experience of writing technical requirements (preferably ECSS standards)
  • Experience of interface management and definition
  • Familiarity with mechanisms and tools for detailed interface definition
  • Capability to prepare and manage ICD
  • Use of modelling and design languages for System Engineering (e.g. SysML) and tools in support of architectural design activities (e.g. Vitech CORE, Enterprise Architect)
  • Knowledge of space and GS engineering processes, and system and software life-cycles and standards
  • Experience in Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) methods, techniques and tools
  • Definition, management and traceability of requirements structure with the support of dedicated tools (e.g. DOORS)
  • Experience in Integration, Verification and Validation (IV&V) of complex systems
  • Mandatory knowledge and experience in:
    • Satellite monitoring and control systems (including Flight Dynamics and S/C Simulator aspects)
    • Data processing
  • Knowledge and experience in the minimum of four of the following areas:
    • Dissemination,
    • Archive systems,
    • Ground Stations,
    • Computer systems,
    • Network systems,
    • IT Security
  • It would be an advantage to have knowledge and/or experience with some of the following:
    • Full development cycle of large systems, from the definition of requirements to system design and testing
    • Configuration Control processes and tools
    • Familiarity with the ECSS standards
    • INCOSE System Engineering certification (CSEP/ESEP) or comparable certification

Job description


  • Contribute to the System Requirements Definition process
  • Contribute to maintaining existing requirements baselines
  • Contribute to the maintenance (for all the operational ground systems) of a complete System Technical Documentation and the baseline
  • Contribute to the creation of System Engineering models of Ground Systems using an MBSE approach and/or maintaining existing model baselines
  • Perform technical analysis of system architecture and specification evolutions or major upgrades of the operational ground systems
  • Contribute to the IV&V testing approach for major evolutions of the operational ground systems and contribute to the co-ordination of the installation, integration and verification of new systems into the operational infrastructure
  • Contribute to the various OPS & TSS Projects and associated reviews, providing System Engineering support during the design phase and contribute actively to the definition of the IV&V activities
  • Contribute to the assessment of Engineering Tasks providing System Engineering expertise to CRB’s and ARB’s
  • Contribute to the impact analysis of ICT evolutions in operational systems
  • Contribute to the analysis, investigations and resolution of system and ground segment level anomalies
  • Provide expert inputs to the SEP Copernicus System Engineer on all related activities as requested
  • Contribution to the OPS regular coordination processes
  • Participate to the description of the system architecture and interfaces between external systems and the Copernicus mission specific elements of the ground system
  • Ensure that the definition and documentation of new interfaces are compatible with the methodology used in Operations (use of common templates for ICD and the same tool for maintaining the interfaces data dictionary)
  • Provide support to the definition of the IV&V approach for the future ground systems

For Applications: Please send your updated CV (in Europass format) at jobs@jade-aerospace.eu