Jade Aerospace is a young and dynamic company providing support to major Space European companies and agencies. We provide consultancy covering all the phases of a satellite program development.


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    Jade Aerospace is a German SME, based in Darmstadt, with a strong experience in the field of space operations and Engineering activities. Jade is a dynamic and innovative consulting company active in the space sector, privately owned and independent organization.

    Jade experience spans from Spacecraft Design to Operations and has grown in the years through the development of challenging projects and collaborations with a wide range of industrial partners and international organizations. The services provided by Jade include specialized consulting, project support, software development, and research

    • Ground Segment Systems: Jade provides an end-to-end support to for the development of Ground Segment Systems. The expertise of Jade spans from the project definition, the detailed design, the Integration, Test and Validation, the launch and LEOP support until the commissioning and routine operational phase.
    • Satellite Design: Jade has a strong experience in Satellite subsystem design (AOCS, EPS, Thermal, DHSS (including OBSW specific function), RF) gained during requirement and design phase of Meteosat Second and Third Generation and of Metop and EPS Second Generation missions.
    • Operations: Jade has a strong experience in supporting satellite operations and operation preparation gained with LEO and GEO missions at ESOC, and EUMETSAT. Jade provides support in satellite procedure preparation and testing according to the European standards for configuration management
    • Satellite Simulators: Jade supports the preparation of requirements, the procurement and acceptance of a satellite simulator, providing the know-how of the European reference standards in terms of modeling and infrastructure.
    • Mission Control SystemsJade has a consolidated experience in providing support for tailoring of Mission Control System for the support to Satellite Validation Test and Operations. Jade provides the experience of the most commonly used standard for Satellite Telemetry and Telecommands (e.g. Packet Utilization Standard) and for the ground transport layer (e.g. Space Link Extension protocol and services). Jade has a strong experience in the SCOS2000 Mission Control System and in the whole MYCONIS infrastructure
    • Verification and Validation: Jade has a strong experience in Validation and Verification of complex systems (e.g. Satellite Ground Segment), developed in several operational environments. Jade provides the support for managing in an optimal way the Verification and Validation processes according to the European quality standards.
    • Astro-dynamics: Jade provides support for space debris modelling, orbit determination, On-call service for collision avoidance, re-entry prediction , LEOP and spacecraft contingencies.

    Earth Observation

    Jade has experience in engineering and scientific support for the following earth observation missions:

    • Meteosat Second Generation (MSG): Operation, Operation Preparation
    • Meteosat Third Generation (MTG): Space and Ground requirement definition, Operational   scenario definition, Space to Ground interface, Ground Segment tailoring according to   the Space Segment design. Payload data generator and Operational simulator   procurement. Image data processing. Ground Segment and Mission Control System   Validation and Verification.
    • Metop: Operations, Operation Preparation
    • EPS Second Generartion: Space and Ground requirement definition, Operational scenario definition, Space to Ground interface, Ground Segment tailoring according to the Space Segment design
    • Sentinel: Operations, Mission Control System, Satellite Operations Simulator procurement and testing.


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